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I found this help file with the new system and wanted to share it. It explains how to add/edit a team bulletin, edit player statistics, upload a document and upload a photo.


Other Helpful hints that I have discovered:
  • You can email your entire team in the roster section with the email button
  • You can schedule practices, games, and team meetings in the schedule section
    • If you select the option to email management and players, the event is emailed out with reminders. If they have the cell phones set with the providers, text messages are also sent.
    • It is possible to view who will attend each event by clicking the magnifying glass in the schedule section
  • Privacy settings are controlled by the parents
    • For many items, they can set the security to Private, Roster, or Public. (i.e. email, address, cell, ...)
    • If they want it changed, have them log in and change the settings under their account they used to register the player
  • The rosters can be viewed by selecting the roster section and the clicking the "Click here to log in for full roster" at the bottom.
  • All emails sent by the system for your team are BCC'ing the recipients

Hope it helps,