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SMSC CYO Basketball FAQ 2017-18


How old does my child have to be to play?

SMSC CYO basketball is offered to boys and girls 1st thru 8th grades.

Where are the official CYO rules of play?

Posted by the Oakland diocese at this link (under "Information" in the center top of the page).

Can I register in person or by mail?

Registration is online only. Visit SMSC CYO Basketball Website. There is no in person registration. We recommend you register asap after registration opens. Registration can be closed at any time due to a lack of players or coaches. A late fee of $25 applies after 9/1/2017.

How do I add a second parent or guardian to the system so he/she will also receive all communication from the league?

During the registration process, you have the ability to “Add a Second Adult” in the same manner as described above for a sibling.  If you have completed the registration process, you can follow the link in the received email and log back into the registration system and add the addition contact information.

What if I need to update my registration information?

Log into your account and update your information.  You should have received an email with your registration information once you have paid.

How much does it cost to play?

The Registration fee for 3rd – 8th grades is $300 and 1st/2nd grades the fee is $250. When registering your child you have the option to pay the entire registration fee or pay by our arranged installment payments. To pay the full amount at the time of registration use the pull-down arrow. Registration opens 7/5/2017 and there is additional late fee of $25 if you register after 9/1/2017.

Registration fees cover the cost of: gym rental fees, referee costs, insurance, equipment, and other administrative costs. Fees are determined by the SMSC CYO Basketball board based on costs of running our league and the cost to participate in the Tri-Valley CYO league. As a result fees are subject to change each year at the discretion of the SMSC CYO Basketball Board.

Can I make partial payments?

During the registration process you have the option of using our installment payment plan.  


Are there cuts?

In the 1st/2nd grade league the number of teams we have are based on the number of coaches that volunteer. Players are usually placed on teams based on the school they attend. We do not cut players however we will close registration at any time. You are encouraged to register your child asap. Every year we have to turn away kids that want to play in our 1st/2nd grade league.

In the 3rd thru 8th grades we hold evaluations. Teams are formed based on the number of players registered and the number of coaches that we have. There are times that we may close registration for a grade level due to not having enough players to form teams or not having enough coaches for the number of players registered. To avoid these situations we encourage you to register your children early. We ask volunteer coaches to register early as well.

What basketball size will be used?

1st & 2nd grade uses 27.5 inch.  Boys in grade 3-5 use 28.5 inch, and boys in grade 6-8 use 29.5 inch.  Girls in grade 3-8 use 28.5 inch.

Are all Players guaranteed a spot on a team?

Teams will be limited by the number of Coaches pre-registered. If a waiting list is required the following criteria will determine placement on the list of available players for draft.

A) Parishioners of St. Michael's or St. Charles

B) Child of a head coach

C) Online registration for players - registrations are time stamped

D) Returning players

E) All others

Can I request that my child be on a certain team?

We usually place 1st/2nd grade players on a team based on the school they attend. If you have a special request please send it to the 1st/2nd Grade Coordinator. It becomes difficult to grant request the closer we get to the season.

In the 3rd – 8th grades we hold evaluations. Each player must attend evaluations. After evaluations the coaches will draft players. In the 3rd grade only coaches may consider special request, however there is no guarantee special request will be granted.

Are you uniforms provided?

            Yes, uniforms are included in the registration fee.

If my child has a uniform from previous years can they use it?

No, players cannot use uniforms from previous years because we cannot have duplicate numbers.

Uniform orders generally arrive a week before the season and will be distributed to players by their coach or the team parent.

When are tryouts (evaluations)?

Tryouts are tentatively scheduled for Sunday September 24, 2017. A tryout schedule will be posted on the website as we get closer to the date.

When do practices start and how often are they?

Practices will start the second week of October for 3rd thru 8th grades. Practices for 1st/2nd grades will start at the end of October. Practices are typically twice a week at various locations in Livermore. Games are played on Sundays. For 3rd – 8th grades games could be played in Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Danville, or Alamo. Games times are 12pm – 6pm on Sundays. Occasionally we may play games on Saturdays. 

Where are practices held?

Practices are held in Livermore at various gyms. Locations are selected by coaches based on what locations are available and their availability. As the coaches are volunteers themselves, with their own schedules, they determine practice dates. Typically practices are held twice a week for an hour each session.

In most cases we will offer teams one full court during one week and teams will split a court the following week during the season.

When does the season start and end?

League games for 3rd – 8th grades will start at the end of October or the beginning of November and conclude at the end of January.

Our 1st/2nd grade league starts the second week of November and will conclude in January.

There will not be games during Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas break.

Some teams in 3rd – 8th grades may qualify for playoffs. Our 1st/2nd league does not have playoffs.

If our team is missing players can our game be re-scheduled?

Tri-Valley CYO has decided to not re-schedule any games this year.

Does the league need volunteers?

Yes, SMSC CYO basketball cannot run without volunteers. If you can spare some time to help us please send an email to the Athletic Director.

Why don't the CYO pages open when I click on them?

Make sure your "pop-up" blocker is set to accept pop-ups from the CYO website.

Who can I can contact for additional questions? If you have questions feel free to send an email to: . Someone will get back to you asap.