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Frequently Asked Questions


What basketball size will be used?

1st & 2nd grade uses 27.5 inch.  Boys in grade 3-5 use 28.5 inch, and boys in grade 6-8 use 29.5 inch.  Girls in grade 3-8 use 28.5 inch.

Where are the official CYO rules of play?

Posted by the Oakland diocese at this link (under "Information" in the center top of the page).

How do I add a second parent or guardian to the system so he/she will also receive all communication from the league?

During the registration process, you have the ability to “Add a Second Adult” in the same manner as described above for a sibling.  If you have completed the registration process, you can follow the link in the received email and log back into the registration system and add the addition contact information.

What if I need to update my registration information?

Log into your account and update your information.  You should have received an email with your registration information once you have paid.

Why don't the CYO pages open when I click on them?

Make sure your "pop-up" blocker is set to accept pop-ups from the CYO website.

Are all Players guaranteed a spot on a team?

Teams will be limited by the number of Coaches pre-registered. If a waiting list is required the following criteria will determine placement on the list of available players for draft.

A) Parishioners of St. Michael's or St. Charles

B) Child of a head coach

C) Online registration for players - registrations are time stamped

D) Returning players

E) All others